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Computers and Wireless Networking

Computer Usage Guidelines

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPSOM) is responsible for providing academic resources to its student body. The resources include the electronic tools necessary for learning, communicating, and disseminating information between and among the student body. UPSOM is committed to electronic mail as the official communication between the school and students. UPSOM is committed to providing the electronic tools and resources, including personnel, hardware, and software, to keep technology processes effective.

CSSD provides a wide variety of software titles to students, faculty, and staff. Please refer to the University of Pittsburgh Information Technology page to view the available software.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Network at the School of Medicine
Wireless PittNet is installed in Scaife Hall. Coverage has been established for all spaces that are most accessible to medical students, faculty, and staff. This includes Scaife classroom spaces, the medical student lounge, and the Health Sciences library.

If you want more information on the specifics of the University Wireless network (e.g., how to connect, locations of buildings with PittNet access), the Wireless PittNet is available for review. The network has been installed and will be maintained by the University's Computing Services and Systems Development group (CSSD).

If you require assistance with your user name or password, please contact the CSSD Help Desk directly at 412-624-HELP. The CSSD Help Desk is always available to answer your questions.

Wireless Network at UPMC
UPMC now provides free wireless service at various locations so that patients, visitors, and trainees can access the Internet on their laptops and other computer devices.

To log on while in a UPMC Wi-Fi hotspot, open “Network Connections” on your laptop or computer device and connect to GIA (Guest Internet Access).

Additional information for wireless users

Computing Services and Systems Development
Wireless PittNet