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E-mail Account Information

E-mail Information for Medical Students

All official correspondence between the School of Medicine and medical students utilize the E-mail addresses.

Your Pitt E-mail account will remain until you graduate but no official correspondence will be sent there. Advantages:

  1. Off campus access requires only an internet connection. You will only need to dial into the University if you don't have an ISP and use the University as your ISP.
  2. There is more storage space available to you than on the Pitt system. This means that you will be able to open attachments and transfer larger files to each other (academically-related of course!)

How to do it:

Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above. Most other browsers will work although some functionality may be lost.

Using your browser, go to:

  1. Enter your User Name (lastname.firstname).
  2. Enter your Password
    (first letter of last name followed by the first 4 numbers of your SSN followed by first letter of first name, e.g. h4531y).

What is my medstudent E-mail address?

  • The lastname.firstname field has a maximum of 20 letters. If your combination exceeds the 20 characters, cut it off at 20.
  • Do not use special characters such as apostrophes, dashes or spaces.

You may check the Medical School Student Directory via the ZONE to see how your name is recorded in our database. For more information on managing your medstudent email account, please follow the link below.

Forwarding E-mail from the Pitt account

  1. Go to the website:
  2. Enter your Pitt Computer Account Login or Pitt E-mail address minus the
  3. If you have more than one forwarding address, all messages sent to will be sent to each address you provided.
  4. Remove the default address of ( and put in your new address instead.
  5. This will forward any new messages sent to your Pitt account to be forwarded to your Medstudent Account.
    * Note: This will not forward all of the messages currently in your Pitt IMAP mailbox, rather it will forward all NEW messages arriving in your Pitt mailbox to your Medschool Address

How do I get personal help with using my medstudent email?

  1. The best way to get help with your medstudent email is to email - the mail administrator should be able to help you.
  2. An alternative is to contact your student tech committee representative in person, or by email. To reach the entire tech committee, you can email
  3. For graduated students, please go to for help with forwarding from your old medstudent mail account or contact the Medical Alumni Office.