University of Pittsburgh


Organ System Pathophysiology

Skin and Musculoskeletal Diseases

December 13, 2018-December 20, 2018
6 half days

Course Director
Chester Oddis, MD
Department of Medicine

Course Director
Sonal Choudary, DO
Department of Dermatology

Course Director
MaCalus Hogan, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Course Description

This course will focus on diseases and conditions of connective tissues, including skin and musculoskeletal disorders. Building upon basic concepts and mechanisms that were introduced in prior courses, students will learn about common and clinically significant conditions.

The course begins with independent study of 36 concise web-based modules. Students will then apply what they have learned during two half-days of small group workshops. The web modules are designed to provide essential information in a fast-paced and flexible format. There are no content-based lectures during this course.

The goal of this course is:

  1. for students to learn the characteristics and pathophysiology of common diseases of the skin and musculoskeletal systems. The course is intended as a basic introduction to these topics, where selected conditions are presented as models where student may learn both the details of the specific conditions, and also become familiar with the general approach to conditions affecting these system.

Educational Methods


introductory lecture 36 web modules        
small group dermatology conferences musculoskeletal skill workshops        



Evaluation for this course is based on a single multiple-choice examination.

Grading: This course comprises 10% of the grade for the Organ Systems Pathophysiology Block, Section 3. Students are required to pass this course to pass the OS3 section. Grading for the block is Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.


Faculty Note

Thomas Medsger, MD, is a recipient of the Kenneth E. Schuit Master Educator Award.