University of Pittsburgh


Combined Clinical Years

Combined Ambulatory Medicine and Pediatrics Clerkship (CAMPC)

8 weeks

Clerkship Director
Aimee Biller, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics

Clerkship Director
Amar Kohli, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine

Clerkship Co-Director
Elmer J. Holzinger, MD
Department of Medicine


Course Description

This 8-week combined ambulatory course provides students with 4-week experiences in medicine and in pediatrics. During one half–day per week, students participate in a longitudinal curriculum that covers topics common to both disciplines. The clerkship curriculum is presented in an integrated fashion across both disciplines, and incorporates many cross-cutting themes, such as evidence–based medicine, health–care finance, tobacco cessation, women’s health, geriatrics, wellness and prevention, and interpersonal communications.

The objectives of the course are that students should become able to:

  1. assess the well patient in the ambulatory setting.
  2. evaluate common acute clinical problems in the ambulatory setting.
  3. participate in the longitudinal care of patients with chronic conditions.
  4. incorporate cost-effective, age-specific, preventive strategies into routine care.

Students participate in patient care at offices and clinics throughout the region, including hospital–based sites and a variety of community–based locations, in generalist and/or specialist settings.

Educational Methods


    Ambulatory patient–care activities
Critically appraised topic assignments Standardized  patient sessions Multimedia modules


Web-based CLIPP cases

Structured readings Learning logs Workshops



Evaluation in this course is based on medicine preceptor evaluations (30%), pediatrics preceptor evaluations (30%), NBME web-based subject exam (15%), standardized patient OSCE (15%), and professionalism (10%).

Grading: The Clerkship is graded Honors, High Pass, Pass, Low Pass, or Unsatisfactory.

Faculty Note

Clerkship Co-Director Elmer Holzinger, MD, is a recipient of the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, the Donald S. Fraley Award for Medical Student Mentoring, and the Clerkship Preceptor of the Year Award. Philip Kaleida, MD, is the recipient of multiple Provost’s Innovation in Education Awards. Melissa McNeil, MD, is a recipient of the Kenneth E. Schuit Master Educator Award. Peggy Hasley, MD, MHSc is a recipient of the Sheldon Adler Award for Innovation. Eric J. Anish, MD and Raquel Buranosky, MD, MPH are recipients of the Clerkship Preceptor of the Year Award. In addition, Michael Elnicki, MD, and Drs. Holzinger, Kaleida, McNeil, Anish, and Phrampus are members of the UPSOM Academy of Master Educators.