University of Pittsburgh

Curriculum Map


Year 1 Curriculum Map Intro to Being a Physician Medical Anatomy Fuel Metab Immunology Introduction to Medical Decision Making Ethics Law and Professionalism Introduction to Medical Interviewing Pharmacology Tissues in Health and Disease
Medical Microbiology Methods and Logic in Medicine 1 Pain and Suffering Advanced Physical Exam 1 Introduction to Physical Exam Clinical Experiences 1 Neuroscience Intro to Psychiatry Pain and Suffering Human Genetics


Year 2 Curriculum Map Cardiovascular Renal Pulmonary Digestion and Nutrition Hematology Skin-Msk Methods and Logic in Medicine 2 Population Health Advanced Physical Exam 2 Clinical Experiences 2 Clinical Experiences 2 Scholarly Project Endocrine Integrated Case Studies Advanced Medical Interviewing Clinical Procedures Reproductive and Developmental Biology Family Medicine Preclerkship Course


Year 3 Curriculum Map Combined Ambulatory Medicine and Pediatrics Specialty Care Adult Inpatient Medicine Surgery and Perioperative Care Assessment Scholarly Project Scholarly Project Scholarly Project Clinical Neuroscience Geriatrics Obstetrics and Gynecology


Year 4 Curriculum Map Pediatric Inpatient Medicine Acting Internship Integrated Life Sciences Scholarly Project

* During the combined clinical years students rotate through 10 required clerkships in any sequence.
Additional requirements are 1 Acting Internship, 1 Integrated Life Sciences Selective, 9 electives, and 3 Clinical Focus Courses.


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