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Create a course evaluation?

Courses and clerkships are evaluated using the CoursEval web-based evaluation system.  UPSOM students are expected to participate in evaluation of the curriculum as one of their professional obligations.

Typically, course evaluations consist of multiple choice or Likert Scale questions that are fairly easy for students to complete rapidly.  For any group of courses within a block or year of curriculum, there are typically core questions that are asked about every course, providing a basis for comparison across courses.  In addition, course directors work with curriculum staff to develop a small number of additional specific questions to help assess unique characteristics of a course.  In all cases, students have an opportunity to submit free text remarks.  This system covers evaluation of courses and of individual faculty teaching efforts. 

The CoursEval System provides an opportunity to track if students have completed their evaluations, but the individual students’ submissions are completely anonymous and may not be traced back to an individual in any way.  The summary evaluation data is made available to course and block directors and key curriculum leaders.  Individual faculty data is made available to the faculty and their academic leaders, as appropriate.

For assistance in preparing a course evaluation or in accessing prior course evaluations, please contact Ms. Kathy Scott at the Office of Medical Education at 412-383-8919 or by email at

Please note that the CoursEval system requires an individual login and password which may be obtained through Ms. Scott.