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I'm a course director. How do I...

Obtain A-V support for Lecture Hall 4 (first year) or LH 2 (second year)?

First and second year course directors and their faculty may obtain AV support for courses being conducted in Lecture Room 4 (first year students) or Lecture Room 2 (second year students) from the curriculum specialist associated with their course.  In addition, the technology specialists at the Office of Medical Education are available to assist. 

In general, the lecture halls are equipped with state-of-the-art presentation systems that include a built-in PC, dual LCD projectors, SMART Board technology, a document imaging camera, film / slide projection, DVD and VHS playback, and podcast / webcast recording. 

For additional information, contact the curriculum specialist working with your course or the Office of Medical Education at 412-648-8714.