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I'm a course director. How do I...

Put my course materials on Navigator?

Navigator is the School of Medicine’s on-line curriculum resource for the medical student curriculum. This system, developed by the Laboratory for Educational Technology, provides a custom interface for students to access all of the materials associated with their curriculum. Students and faculty are able to access Navigator over the Internet from any computer at home or on campus. All students have Navigator accounts. Any faculty member wishing to access materials on Navigator may register for an account from the Navigator home page ( > "New User Registration" link).

All first and second year courses and third year clerkships have a presence on the Navigator system. To add or edit material, course directors or other faculty access Navigator using their logged in account. Once logged in, authorized faculty may select courses from their “Create” list and make changes and additions to their content. Faculty may opt to recruit help from within their department or division, such as an administrative assistant, to manage their content on Navigator. Departmental staff may obtain Navigator access in the same fashion as faculty, mentioned above.

Course directors or their administrative appointee are generally the “owners” of their course website on Navigator. As the course owners, they may designate other individuals to have authoring privileges on their course website.

For additional technical assistance, contact the Laboratory for Educational Technology at (412) 648-9679. If you have curriculum or non-technical support questions, please contact the Office of Medical Education at (412) 648-8714.