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I'm a course director. How do I...

Where do I refer a student who is having personal or academic difficulties?

The Office of Medical Education has resources to help students with study skills and other academic problems.  For assistance in this area, contact Laura Jeannerette at 412-648-9541 or by email at

There are several types of resources available here at the School to assist students with personal problems.  The staff at the Office of Student Affairs, including the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Joan Harvey, 412-648-9040, can be of great assistance with many student problems.  The counseling program at the School of Medicine offers medical students evaluation, treatment and referral for a wide range of psychological needs.  Lee Wolfson, MEd is the medical student psychologist. His office is located at 3520 Fifth Avenue, a short walking distance from Scaife Hall.  He can be reached at 412-624-1041 or by email at