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Refer a problem with unprofessional behavior by a student?

Medical students are expected to behave in a professional fashion at all times.  Students’ professional attributes and behaviors are assessed formally as part of various course and clerkship evaluations and during real and simulated patient encounters.  Faculty and staff may have other, less structured or predictable opportunities to observe student behavior.

If a faculty or staff member identifies a problem with unprofessional behavior by a medical student, it is important to bring this to the attention of the School administration.  This information could be relayed to Dr. Joan Harvey, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, at 412-648-9040.  If the unprofessional behavior occurs in the context of a course or clerkship, the individual faculty member may bring it to the attention of the course or clerkship director.  Issues involving professionalism may also be brought to the attention of the directors at the Office of Medical Education, Drs. John Mahoney and Cynthia Lance-Jones, who may be reached at 412-648-8714.