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Use the Audience Response System in my 1st or 2nd Year Course?

The Office of Medical Education employs the audience response system Poll Everywhere that allows students to respond to questions and surveys, in real time, on the web, via SMS texting on their phones, or through the Poll Everywhere App.

This system is available to all courses as a tool to be used as appropriate within individual courses. It provides an additional opportunity to enhance the learning experience and stimulate more interaction between lecturer and class. It can be used to break up a lecture, to provide feedback to a lecturer on whether a message is getting across, and to engage students in the dialogue in a more constructive fashion that is otherwise available. The system operates using specialized audience response system software that can incorporate the functionality of either PowerPoint or Google Slides. The Poll Everywhere system is not intended to replace paper and pencil examinations.

To help faculty use the Poll Everywhere system, there are several resources. There are a variety of short videos and tutorials on the Poll Everywhere website, available here. You can also view their student, presenter, and instructor guides, as well as frequently asked questions about the software. OMED is also available for consultations on how to get started using Poll Everywhere.

The Poll Everywhere software is available for faculty and staff through the Office of Medical Education. To use the system, contact your corresponding curriculum specialist, Cheryl Brant, Maria Garcia, or Judy Schantz, to gain access.