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Use the Audience Response System in my 1st Year Course?

The AV system in Lecture Room 4 includes an audience response system, using the Turning Point Software and hand-held transmitters. Each first year student has been issued their own portable transmitter. A permanent receiver has been installed into the podium computer in Lecture Room 4.

This system is available to all courses as a tool to be used as appropriate within individual courses. It provides an additional opportunity to enhance the learning experience and stimulate more interaction between lecturer and class. It can be used to break up a lecture, to provide feedback to a lecturer on whether a message is getting across, and to engage students in the dialogue in a more constructive fashion that is otherwise available. The Turning Point System is not intended to replace paper and pencil examinations or to be used to attempt to take attendance.

The system operates using specialized audience response system software (Turning Point) that incorporates the functionality of PowerPoint. To use the system, you would open your normal PowerPoint presentation using the Turning Point version of PowerPoint. Within that software, you would use special templates to create a slide corresponding to the question that you’d pose to the audience and a second slide that will display the answers submitted by the audience. When you show this slide during your lecture, you would ask students to key their responses. When you advance to the next slide, their responses can be shown automatically.

To help faculty use the Turning Point System, we have several resources. The Office of Medical Education has prepared 2 brief training videos to help orient faculty on how to use the software. OMED is also available for consultations on how to get started using Turning Point. The software itself includes a simple help function that may be sufficient to get started. The Turning Point software is available for free. Though it is possible to download the software, it is easiest to obtain as many CD-ROM copies as you need for your course faculty by contacting Katie Maietta at 412-648-8714 or

The podcasts are available at:

Part 1: Overview (7 mins)

Part 2: Using Turning Point (23 mins)