Course Support

The primary source of support for School of Medicine Course Directors is the Office of Medical Education, Suite S592 Alan Magee Scaife Hall, 412-648-8714. This office is the implementation arm of the Curriculum Committee and is responsible for delivery of the curriculum to the students. 

Curriculum Specialists Overview

Curriculum specialists: A staff member is assigned to each class year for two years (MS-1 and MS-2). Their primary role is to assist the Course Director(s) and ensure the course runs smoothly. In addition, curriculum specialists:

  • Help prepare, arrange for printing, and distribute syllabi to students and faculty participating in the course.

  • Contact lecturers before each session to arrange for appropriate media support and any necessary handouts.

  • Oversee duplication of examinations in secure circumstances, insert answer sheets, and assist in distribution of exams on test day.

  • Organize exams, check answer sheets, and prepare keys for scanning and analysis by the Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching

  • Meet the Course Director and/or assigned lecturer at the beginning of each session and ascertain that all is in place for the lecture. This includes AV, lighting, and web access, among other needs.

Additional Support

In addition to the class-specific curriculum specialists, there is an Instructional Technologist whose primary role is technical support for the computerized AV systems in the lecture halls, small group rooms, and web-based exams. 

Student grades during the courses are kept by the Assistant Dean of OMED with the assistance of the testing coordinator. All corrections or alterations are handled by them until final grades are reported to the SOM School Registrar.

Alan Magee Scaife Hall Lecture Rooms and Small Group Rooms

Generally, MS-1 courses are held Lecture Room 1 and in the fourth-floor small group rooms. Respectively, MS-2 courses are held in LR 2 and in the fifth-floor small group rooms.

Each link below provides instructions for the AV and computer systems in each space.