Academic Success Coaching

Academic Success Coaching is a new program available to all 1st and 2nd year UPSOM medical students who are having academic challenges.

What is an Academic Success Coach?

Someone who can help you unlock your potential by providing structure and accountability in a longitudinal nonjudgmental, supportive relationship.

What can an Academic Success Coach do for me?

A coach can assist with goal setting, increasing efficiency, time management, and accountability to improve your effectiveness and enhance your performance.

Who are the coaches?

They are MD, DO, or PhD faculty members at the school of medicine. Please keep in mind that coaches are not content experts or therapists. Nor do they grade you during your medical school courses.

What is your role in the coaching relationship?

You are the driver of the coaching relationship- you will work to recognize your strengths and gaps, set goals, experiment and reflect on the process as you work towards your goals.

How do students get referred to the coaching program?

A student can refer themselves or a faculty member (course director, Assistant Dean, etc) can recommend you.

Who will know that I am being coached?

The only people who will know are the Director of Coaching Services and members of the Academic Success Team (Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Assistant Dean for Medical Education in the preclinical years, Senior Medical Advisor). Your privacy is protected by FERPA.

If you think you may benefit from or want to learn more about the Academic Success Coach program, please contact Dr. Suzanne Templer at