Curriculum Reform Idea Competition

We are looking for your bold ideas that can guide the reform of our curriculum. 

This is the time to bring that really big idea you have to make Pitt Med better than ever.


An idea competition in three rounds:

  • Round 1:  2 minute video entry
    • Click here for help submitting your entry.
  • Round 2:  Teams selected from Round 1 submit a 2 page description
  • Round 3:  Finalist teams pitch ideas to judges


Round 1 is active now.  Video submissions are due by January 31.


Students, Faculty, UPSoM Staff can all lead and be on teams that enter ideas.

You can lead and participate in more than one team effort.


Submit online through the PwdByPInch portal:

How to enter, compete and win:

Round 1:  Video entry

  • Submit a 2-minute recorded zoom presentation of your team describing your idea in Round 1
    • Include:
      • Opportunity (the problem you are trying to fix)
      • Solution
      • Team members
    • Area:
      • When you are submitting the project you will be asked to describe the "Area" where you idea fits.  The area of your idea may include a particular phase of education, a theme that important to our work, a process is part of our system or a combination thereof. 
        • Processes
          • Learning Assessment
          • Program Evaluation
          • Curriculum Quality Management
        • Themes
          • Wellness and resilience
          • Inter professionalism
          • Skill development
          • Social determinants of health
        • Phases
          • Foundation years
          • Clerkship and beyond
          • Longitudinal
          • Research or alternative focus years         
  • May include whatever you can say in a two-minute zoom:
    • Slides
    • Team members talking to explain the idea
    • Whatever you can do in Zoom
  • Video submission:
    • Video is prepared by team then posted to YouTube or Vimeo with an unlisted link that is submitted as part of the application.
    • Team must allow download of the video.
    • Program will download the videos submitted by teams for archiving and review.
    • YouTube and Vimeo are public fora so teams must post their idea there in a responsible fashion.
  • Submitted videos will be reviewed by a selection panel convened by the Curriculum Reform Idea Competition Executive Committee.  Each reviewing panelist will rate the idea in each video with a simple yes/no vote to move to next round of competition.  Reviewers will be asked to consider the potential of the idea and be encouraged to vote for ideas they think would be interesting to consider with more complete information.
  • Sample video:
    • Phase: Longitudinal (exams occur throughout the time)
    • Theme: Wellness
    • Process: The process of giving and taking exams

Round 2:  A number of ideas/teams will be selected to move on to the second round:

  • Teams selected to move on to Round 2:
    • Submit a two-page document which describes:
      • Opportunity
      • Stakeholders
      • Solution
      • Benefits
      • Cost / benefit estimate
      • Next steps
    • The competition organizers may consolidate teams going from round 1-round-2
      • If ideas are really close or overlapping
      • Consolidated team must have at least 1 member from each of the initial teams
      • Further participation including awards are as the consolidated team
    • Round 2 submissions will be reviewed to select the 10 ideas in the prize group and the 6 top ideas for final presentation and competition for top prizes.

Round 3: Will include pitches from the 6 teams vying for the top prizes

  • The six teams selected for the finals will be invited to pitch their idea to the final judges for review and final selection
    • 5 minute pitch + 5 minutes questions
    • Venue to be determined, but more than likely Zoom

Scoring/Review (Rounds 2 and 3):

  • At each stage the ideas will be reviewed based on the following criteria.  The scoring system will have a 4 level Likert scale in each dimension.  Further detail on the scoring rubric will be posted with the start of round 2.
    • Innovation 
    • Impact
    • Feasibility
    • Synergy
  • In round two we have a system of multipliers that amplify competitiveness of an idea that apply to the overall score (Sum of Innovation, Impact, Feasibility and Synergy)
    • Team breadth
      • Additional 0.1 factor for each additional type of person on the team (beyond the lead)
        • Student
        • Faculty
        • Staff
        • Patient (not a UPSoM student, faculty or staff)
      • Maximum multiplier 1.3
    • Teams may add members between rounds 1 and 2
    • In round 2 teams finalize their membership.

Opportunity areas

  • We are interested in hearing about any opportunity to make Pitt Med better
    • Think about completing the sentences:
      • Pitt Med would be great if the curriculum __________
      • I wish med school could involve ________________
    • Here are some specific opportunities to consider:
      • How might we improve student experience
      • How might we improve faculty experience
      • How might we improve staff experience
      • How might we improve patient experience
      • How might we lower tuition burden
      • How might we increase breadth of exposures
      • How might we create new interprofessional experiences
      • How might we add more to the curriculum about social determinants of health
      • How might we improve the use of technology in our curriculum
      • How might we train physicians to work with advanced practice providers?
      • What might we do to minimize bias in our learning environment?
      • What might we do to increase the diversity of our students, staff and faculty?

Frequently Asked Questions


  • UPSoM would prefer to work with the idea generators for implementation if possible.  However, UPSoM is not obligated to include the idea generators (participants, team members…) in the further development or implementation of an idea.  (UPSoM can implement an idea that is brought forward in the competition in the most effective way possible – that may or may not involve the people who brought the idea forward)
  • By bringing an idea to the competition the idea generators (participants, team members..) are releasing rights they might have that would allow UPSoM to implement the ideas.  (if you enter an idea, the school can implement it if the school wants to)
  • Ideas entered into the competition may or may not be implemented by UPSoM.  (just because an idea was entered or even won an award UPSoM is not obligated to implement it)
  • The idea generators (participants, team members…) are not obligated to implement the idea – even if it wins an award (just because you brought forward a good idea does not mean you are stuck with making it work)

For additional information or questions, please reach out to Michelle Sergent at or (412)648-8714.