Educator & Staff Professionalism Accolades

2019-2020 Faculty & Trainee Professionalism Accolade Recipients

J. Michael Beckham, MD: "I was very fortunate to have Michael (John) as my senior resident. He is an engaging, knowledgeable teacher and helped me think critically about my patients while also ensuring I felt like a valued member of the team… Michael also prioritized my learning as a medical student, ensuring I saw a variety of diagnoses [and] also had [an] opportunity to interact with patients of particular interest to me. He was always available to ask questions, taught me valuable skills such a how to review a patient's overnight telemetry, and never missed an opportunity to teach on rounds. And despite the number of patients he was caring for, Michael always demonstrated wonderful bedside manner and empathy towards patients. His demonstration of professionalism, especially as a new senior resident, was exemplary and made my internal medicine that much more enjoyable." - Submitted by a UPSOM student (2020: Adult Inpatient Medicine)

Sylvia S. Choi, MD: "I just wanted to commend Dr. Choi on creating a safe and welcoming environment for our online bystander training as incoming MS3's. Considering the format and the content, this zoom encounter called for a skillful and warm leader. Dr. Choi delivered that for us. I really appreciated her personal anecdotes and the way that she involved all of us in the discussion. At the end of the discussion she was very open to feedback and made us feel that we truly played a key part in the iterative process of curriculum reform. I just wanted to say that we really appreciated her sincerity, it came across even the most awkward of formats." - Submitted by a UPSOM student (Spring 2020: Preclerkship Course)

Kristen Ehrenberger, MD: "Kristen was one of the most supportive senior residents I have had the privilege of working with throughout my third-year of medical school. She truly advocated for and empowered her medical students and allowed us ample opportunities to teach the team, formulate plans, educate patients and families, and continue to grow and thrive as medical students. She is organized, proactive, efficient, as well as a phenomenal leader and team player -she kept the team on time for daily rounds, while still managing to squeeze in valuable teaching opportunities while walking from room to room. I can only hope to one day emulate what I have learned from Kristen once I am a resident myself!" - Submitted by a UPSOM student (2020: Pediatric Inpatient Medicine Clerkship)

Jacquelyn Gallo, MD: "Jacquelyn was an outstanding resident and teacher. I worked with her during clinic and in the ED, and she made a conscious effort to delegate responsibilities to students and teach, even though she was extremely busy on both occasions. She was always encouraging and supported the development of my knowledge base, instead of pointing out the gaps. I'm happy I've gotten the chance to work with her and the other wonderful St. Margaret's residents!" - Submitted by a UPSOM student (2020: Family Medicine Clerkship)

Catherine Go, MD: "Dr. Go upholds the highest standards of professionalism as witnessed by her countless interactions with patients, OR staff, colleagues, and medical students. Despite a busy schedule, she always remembered people's names, devoted time to make patients feel cared for, and empowered students during cases. She particularly deserves recognition for going above and beyond in the care for a particular patient when coordinating dressing changes, blood draws, and procedures, as she was aware of not just the physical, but the emotional needs of the patient." - Submitted by a UPSOM student (2020: Magee Women's Hospital)

Katherine Hrebinko, MD: "Katie was the most phenomenal resident that I had all throughout my third year. She went above and beyond to teach me suturing, radiology, and surgical techniques. There were many afternoons she spent going over scans with me frame-by-frame to teach me how to recognize pathology. She went out of her way to give me meaningful opportunities to be involved with patient care. She always made me feel valued as a team member even though I was just a medical student. Her care and kindness towards her patients is something I hope to exemplify as I move throughout my career. Katie is a true gem of a human being and I felt so fortunate to be able to work with her." - Submitted by a UPSOM student (2020: Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship)

Ruchira Jha, MD: "Dr. Jhais an incredible teacher and remarkably compassionate provider, all while managing medically complex patients. Rounds with her were highly educational, comprehensive, and a joy to experience. I was particularly impressed with her ability to handle so many complicated patients, all while providing high-level teaching to trainees. Learning from her was a highlight of my medical school education." - Submitted by a UPSOM student (2020: Neurology Clerkship)

Susan Lang, MD: "Dr. Lang is a star. In the midst ofa very busy clinic schedule, a particularly demanding patient confronted Dr. Lang... Dr. Lang remained kind, incredibly patient... Dr. Lang really put the patient first in this moment… Her ability to treat a patient with kindness and grace, when the same kindness was not given to her as a clinician was impressive to see. She was genuine, considerate, and answered all questions with grace. She is an exemplary physician and is what I aspire to be like as a future physician. It was a real joy to work with her." - Submitted by a UPSOM student (2020: Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship)

Jose Mantilla Rivas, MD: "During my psychiatry rotation, Dr. Jose Mantilla-Rivas created a positive environment that valued team-work and transparency. Without knowing him at all and having just met, he allowed me to sit with him on day 1 while he got feedback on his psychiatry interview from his supervisors, a vulnerable position for him to be in but a unique learning experience for me that many people may not have facilitated. This showed me an honest dedication to medical education. Throughout the rotation, he challenged me to be ready and willing to have autonomy with patients through his teaching and encouragement. Dr. Mantilla-Rivas is an amazing physician and it is clear that heis dedicated to sharing his craft, working with him was one of my favorite experiences of MS3!” - Submitted by a UPSOM student (2020: Psychiatry Clerkship)

Jason Rosenstock, MD: "Dr. Rosenstock’s appointment as Interim Associate Dean for Medical Education has resulted in a dramatic improvement in the learning environment. He has literally transformed the culture into an open-door policy and tangible changes are occurring faster than I have ever seen during my time at Pitt. The positive impact of his leadership style is palpable upon entering OMED. His commitment to medical students is evident by his relentless pursuit of advances in medical education while incorporating feedback and suggestions from students. In addition to his remarkable efforts as Associate Dean, he continues to mentor psychiatry applicants and prepare them for everything they will need to be successful in the match. Dr. Rosenstock is a tremendous asset to medical students and the entire UPSOM community." - Submitted by a UPSOM student (Fall 2019)

Laura Jeannerette, MS: "LLJ is always a supportive, knowledgeable and caring resource for students, especially during USMLE board prep. However, amidst this challenging and evolving time in medical education, LLJ has gone above and beyond to communicate information to students. She always provides compassionate and realistic advice. She embodies the meaning of "positive learning environment" and encourages all students to lift each other up. LLJ is a fierce advocate for Pitt Med students, and we are so lucky to have her guidance!” - Submitted by a UPSOM student (Spring 2020)