Teaching Opportunities at Pitt Med

There is an ongoing opportunity for faculty from all disciplines to become involved in teaching within the medical student curriculum at UPSOM.

Some opportunities are easily identified as being connected to one of a handful of disciplines; often these are easily identified as courses being coordinated by just one or two departments (e.g. BFH - Pulmonary, Pediatrics Clerkship.) Faculty members from these units may wish to speak with their Department Chair or Division Chief about who is directing these educational efforts and how to become more involved in the teaching efforts within their departments.

Many courses integrate content in ways that cut across departmental boundaries. It can be a little less obvious where opportunities lie for faculty to become involved in these courses. It can be helpful to bear in mind that one does not have to be an expert in a discipline to be a terrific small group facilitator in our curriculum, as we use a variety of teaching methods that depend on facilitation, not tutorial, to help students master the content. For example, faculty from almost any department could contribute to the efforts of Introduction to Being a Physician course. Courses such as Ethics, Law and Professionalism, Behavioral Medicine, Population Health, and others depend upon a diverse pool of faculty to provide students with a range of perspectives on the topics covered.

For more information about opportunities that may exist, contact Drs. Rosenstock or Lance-Jones at the Office of Medical Education, or any course or block director.