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Current Students

Photo of medical student.


A medical student’s life is fast paced, and success depends on staying organized. The links on this page will help you make a connection to useful information in the quickest way possible. We have collected our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

The links below may help you track down support or other resources. For additional assistance, please feel free to contact any OMED staff, drop by the Office of Medical Education, or call us at 412-648-8714.

Support Services for Students

  • Office of Student Affairs at SOM
    Support for daily student life, student activities, course registration, transcripts.
  • Academic Resource and Support at OMED
    Resources to help with study skills and other academic problems.
    The Student Health Advocacy Resource Program provides a support, referral and advocacy service for students with substance abuse or mental health problems.
  • Resource List for Behavioral & General Health
    There is a vast network of resources in place to provide focused and compassionate help. This list was put together by the members of the Student Health Advocacy Resource Program (SHARP).
  • Lab for Educational Technology
    Web based applications, including virtual patients and UPSOM’s Navigator on-line curriculum system.
  • A Connected Community
    A one-stop-shop for the most comprehensive set of academic services available at the University of Pittsburgh.  Aimed at the broad University student community, the Connected Community hosts Academic Success Workshopsand Tutoring in a great environment that includes lounge space and computers for individual use.

Student Resources