Curriculum Publications

The Virtual Pathology Instructor: a medical student teaching tool developed using patient simulator software

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The state of ophthalmology medical student education in the United States and Canada, 2012 through 2013

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Associations between medical student log data and clerkship learning outcomes

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Genetic profiling of medical students

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Criminal background checks upon acceptance to medical school: The right policy at the right time

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A comprehensive career-success model for physician-scientists

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Overcoming challenges to integrating Public and Population Health into medical curricula

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How we develop and sustain innovation in medical education technology: Keys to success

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University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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The relationship between the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center-A profile in synergy

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Back to the Basic Sciences: An innovative approach to teaching senior medical students how best to integrate basic science and clinical medicine

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In-depth learning: One school's initiatives to foster integration of ethics, values, and the human dimensions of medicine

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The Scholarly Project Initiative: Introducing scholarship in medicine through a longitudinal, mentored curricular program

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Medical students' perceptions of the elements of effective inpatient teaching by attending physicians and housestaff

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Beyond a beautiful mind: Film choices for teaching schizophrenia

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Fundamental concepts of problem-based learning for the new facilitator

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