Research Training Programs

Research Training Programs

Clinical Scientist Training Program

MD/Certificate: Students completing the dual MD/Certificate register for 18 units during their CSTP research year (9 units in Summer, 4.5 units in Fall, and 4.5 units in Spring). These credits include the 11-credit core curriculum and 7 credits of elective credits.

MD/MS: Students completing the dual MD/MS degree receive 3 credits from pre-clinical courses in the MD curriculum (MED 5180, MED 5181, & MED 5265) toward the 30-credit MS degree. Students register for the remaining 27 credits during their CSTP research year (9 credits in Summer, 9-10 credits in Fall, and 9-10 credits in Spring). These credits include the 11-credit core curriculum, 6 credits of thesis research, and 10 track-specific required and elective credits.

Medical Scientist Training Program

The mission of the University of Pittsburgh-Carnegie Mellon University MSTP (MDPhD program) is to prepare its students to become leading physician-scientists who will make discoveries that will significantly advance health and lower the burden of disease.  We are committed to building the intellectual, interactive, goal-setting, and technical competencies of our trainees. The MSTP supports an environment that celebrates each student’s unique skills, passion, and potential, values inclusion and wellness, and embodies rigor and advocacy for learning at every level.

Physician Scientist Training Program

The Physician Scientist Training Program (PSTP), established in 2007, is a unique five-year training program for medical students who wish to become successful physician-scientists. PSTP students will have acquired the knowledge, skills, and experience to begin careers in some of the most exciting areas of academic medicine.