Current Students

A medical student’s life is fast paced, and success depends on staying organized. We have collected our most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

The links below may help you track down support or other resources. For additional assistance, please feel free to contact any OMED staff, drop by the Office of Medical Education, or call us at (412)648-8714.

Support Services for Students

Academic Resource and Support at OMED
Resources to help with study skills and other academic problems.

Office of Student Affairs at SOM
Support for daily student life, student activities, course registration, transcripts.

Resource List for Behavioral & General Health
There is a vast network of resources in place to provide focused and compassionate help. This list was put together by the members of the Student Health Advocacy Resource Program (SHARP).

The Student Health Advocacy Resource Program provides a support, referral and advocacy service for students with substance abuse or mental health problems.

Lab for Educational Technology
Web based applications, including virtual patients and UPSOM’s Navigator on-line curriculum system.

Graduate Student Academic Resources
A list of resources for graduate students ranging from graduate student organizations to discounted software. 

Student Resources

Academic Calendars
Academic Calendars for all Medical Students are updated at the start of each school year. 

Book and Supply Lists - AY 2021-2022

Clinical Skills Online
Resources to help students improve clinical-exam skills

Computers and Wireless Networking
An overview of the available computing and wireless network services available to medical students.

Community Service Opportunities
Check out a list of volunteer and service learning options for medical students.

Curriculum Innovation Initiative

Emergency Resource List
For emergencies, please call OMED (412)648-8714 or Student Affairs (412)648-9040 during office hours. If after 5:00PM, please call (412)648-7622.

Graduate Medical Education at UPMC  
Browse the broad array of residency and fellowship programs at UPMC.

Graduation requirements for each class can be found on the Student Affairs website.

Health Sciences Library System (HSLS)
Offers a wide array of information services, educational opportunities, and resources in print and electronic format.

Study Space on Campus and West Wing Timeline
Lists various study and lounge spaces on campus as well as the timeline for the Alan Magee Scaife Hall West Wing addition.

Technology Needs and Recommendations: All Classes
This document outlines the required and recommended hardware and internet connectivity for students engaging in the curriculum.

Student Achievements & Accolades

Although a medical student's life is fast paced, several continually reach spectacular achievements outside of their normal academic curricula. We are beyond proud and feel grateful for all of their hard work. Click here for examples of their achievements, which have made a significant impact on the school itself and the community.