OMED Certificate Programs

Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Certificate

General Overview & Longitudinal Curriuclum Proposal

The Point-of-Care Ultrasound Certificate Program (POCUS-CP) is designed for students with a strong interest in developing an additional expertise in the use of ultrasound at the bedside as an integrated part of their pre-clinical and clinical experience.

Advances in ultrasound image quality and machine portability in recent years have allowed for its expanded clinical use at the bedside, or point-of-care (POCUS). Though initially a practice common to the Emergency Department, POCUS has become a part of training and daily practice across medical and surgical specialties.

In the past 10 years the interest has progressed to the undergraduate medical education level, with many schools offering a range of opportunities for exposure to the practice, from elective courses to school-wide longitudinal curricula.

The introduction of the 4th year POCUS elective, ultrasound lab in the anatomy course for first year students, and the ultrasound mini-elective have been well received and supported by the UPSOM student body.

Goals, Requirements, & Timeline

Please click this link for a full description of the overall goals and objectives, requirements, and general timeline in order to complete the POCUS Certificate.

Application for Submission

Longitudinal Certificate Program in Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS-CP) Application for 2022-2023, Class of 2025, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Thank you for your interest in the POCUS-CP. Please review the details of the program before applying and note that for this initial application process all MS-1 requirements
are waived.

Submit a brief personal statement (max 1 page) that highlights:

  • Your interest in the program and how it may advance your career choice.
  • Any prior experience you have had in ultrasound and how that has affected your interest (none is okay!)
  • Save your statement according to the following structure:
  • LastNameFirstName_PersonalStatement_POCUSCP2020

Submit to Emily Lovallo at by TBD.

Recognition of Completion

At graduation upon successful completion of all requirements, students will receive a Certificate of Excellence in Clinical Ultrasound to be awarded with their diploma.

Community Service Certificate

General Overview

We want to invite all medical students to consider applying for the Community Service Certificate offered by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, designed to recognize the service accomplishments of our outstanding students. Volunteering for the Guerilla Eye Service, helping or organizing a health fair, mentoring at-risk youth—it’s important work, that should be rewarding in and of itself. However, we also feel that medical students deserve additional recognition when they take time out of their busy schedules to do significant amounts of this community service.

Twice a year OMED awards certificates to all students who have met the below requirements.  Students can receive more than one certificate if they demonstrate additional service over the course of their time at Pitt; at most, students can receive one certificate per calendar year. The Office of Student Affairs receives notification of the certificates, which can then be included in your MSPE (“Dean’s letter”). At any time, students can access their certificate in their file at Student Affairs.


To earn the Community Service Certificate, the requirements are:

  • recorded-log containing a minimum of 100 hours of community service (at least 60% must be direct external work)
  • A 500-word essay describing your activities and why it was important to you

Application Submission

Upload the community service log and reflection essay to your Navigator Portfolio, or submit directly to Michelle Sergent, who coordinates the certificate program. 

The deadline for the Fall submission is Friday, October 27th.