New Elective & Content Changes

Request for a Change in Curricular Content 

The Curriculum Committee has central oversight on major changes to the curriculum. Course and clerkship directors must request Curriculum Committee approval before making major changes to existing curriculum. Directors are empowered to make minor changes (e.g., faculty, format, timing, sequence, weightings) without prior approval. 

For more information, and to request approval, see this document.

Proposal Procedure for a New Elective

The elective curriculum at UPSOM is designed so that students can pursue areas of interest that will deepen and broaden their education. It is also a time for students to fill in any gaps in clinical knowledge or skills prior to the start of internship. The Elective Proposal Document outlines the procedure necessary for an elective to be added to the School of Medicine Curriculum Courses and to be officially listed in the online Course Catalog. 

Completed Elective Proposal Forms should be given to the Chair of the UPSOM Curriculum Committee or Associate Dean for Medical Education for initial discussion at the Curriculum Committee Executive Committee.