Assessment Subcommittee

The Assessment Subcommittee focuses attention on the various skills-based assessments throughout the curriculum.

There are two primary areas of responsibility. The first is oversight of all of the performance-based assessments, such as OSCEs, that are embedded within courses and clerkships. A second is development and oversight of the Clinical Competency Assessment, the fourth year standardized patient-based OSCE that provides vital formative information about students’ skills after they have completed the clerkship curriculum.

This subcommittee is led by an appointed chair.  Members include Curriculum Committee members and other experienced clinical educators from across the curriculum. Current membership is five to seven members. 

Assessment Subcommittee Mandate


Reed Van Deusen, MD

Assistant Dean for Human Simulation Education 

Michael Elnicki, MD
Professor of Medicine

Ankur Doshi, MD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Huai Cheng, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Jillian Kyle, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Kristen Ehrenberger, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Martin Schmidt, PhD
Professor of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics


Grace Conway (MS2), Nerone Douglas (MS4), Michael Granovetter (MS4)