Clinical Precepting and Teaching

Clinical Skills Online - Reference list of physical exam and related skills, with video and text explanations (e.g., neuro exam, writing an H+P, ECG/CXR interpretation, breast exam, etc.)

Clinical Teaching Faculty Development Tools - Several resources for clinical teaching designed by COMSEP (Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics). These tools can be used in any discipline.

Clinical Teaching Presentations and Teaching Tips - Presentations for clinical teaching tools and community preceptor teaching tips from Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell

Learning and Teaching in the Clinical Environment - Clinical review from the BMJ, a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal.

One Minute Preceptor Model - PDF of model from Academic Medicine (2004)

Preceptor Guide - 10-page guide from the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Preceptor Resources - Page with multiple sources and tips for clinical teaching from the University of Colorado School of Medicine

Teaching in the Hospital - Online book from new ACP Teaching Medicine series

Tips for Teaching Procedural Skills - This review from BMC Med Ed 2020 shows how to help learners obtain competency in clinical skills, particularly through breaking down tasks, providing feedback, and continuing deliberate practice.