Collaborative Based Learning (CBL)

Collaborative Based Learning (CBL) is an active learning opportunity available to students to help review course content. CBL is built upon the idea that the best way to learn is to teach. Sessions are student-led (no faculty present) and guided by course director-approved learning objectives. Prior to sessions students are assigned a set of learning objectives to prepare for. In each small group session (around 9 students per group), students teach those learning objectives to their classmates in the session. In this way, students are able to work together to solidify their understanding of challenging concepts in a safe learning environment.

The session schedule is course dependent. CBL is currently only available for Cardiology, Genetics, Fuel Metabolism, Immunology, and Neuroscience.

Any student can join CBL! Sign up info is on your course Navigator page. It's best to sign up at the beginning of the course so you can attend all the sessions, but you can also join at any other time during the course.

Questions can be emailed to Nathalie Chen (