Consulting and Specialized Services

The Office of Medical Education's Standardized/Simulated Patient Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine works with both university and non-university clients to achieve their educational goals.

Our Standardized Patient Program has experience providing services for medical students of all levels, resident physicians, practicing physicians, and nurse practitioners. We also can:

  • Bring Standardized Patients and practical instructors to a convenient location.
  • Help construct cases and evaluation instruments for standardized encounters. Assist in setting up and designing educational activities.
  • Provide training, enrichment or expert consultation to an existing Standardized/Simulated Patient Program.
  • Provide logistical support.
  • Provide and/or develop digitized materials for your training and/or assessment sessions.

Services We Offer:

Case Development & Checklist Development

We have developed a large selection of ready-to-use encounters from which you can construct an examination or teaching program. Cases cover a range of chief complaints, diagnoses, and body systems (cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, neurological, psychiatric, etc.).

All encounters were written by clinicians based on actual patient histories and physical findings. If you require customized scenarios we will be glad to work with you to modify existing cases or develop new ones to meet your needs.

Faculty Training and Development

Our innovative faculty development programs use Standardized Patients to improve clinical teaching skills. Workshop participants have a chance to practice and consolidate their new teaching skills (giving effective feedback, teaching efficiently in busy clinical settings, and asking questions to improve clinical thinking).

Standardized Patient Training

All SPs are provided with training in case portrayal, physical examination maneuvers and techniques, specific physical examinations, feedback sessions, specific course training, gynecological and genitourinary exams, and case portrayal enhancement training.

Simulation Models (gynecological/genitourinary models)

We have a collection of simulator models/manikins that can be used to teach clinical skills systematically in an unhurried environment, provide the opportunity for repeated practice in a safe, relaxed setting, and document the learners' ability to perform each task effectively and efficiently using correct techniques.

Other Services

  • Data collection at SP events
  • Logistical support
  • Consulting services
  • Innovative projects