Future Students

Medicine is still an art here. You’ll find here that science – the best science in the world – is made to serve that art. We believe that medicine must never be mechanistic, but human. Because the patient is not a machine, but a person. That’s why, ultimately, the practice of medicine is a creative act, even, perhaps especially, the process of discovering new knowledge through medical research.

It is Person-to-Person Medicine: a way of thinking, researching, teaching, and practicing medicine that never loses sight of the reason we do all of this: to help a person live life to its fullest potential.

We never want you to forget that the patient is a person first. If you learn that, you’ve learned the central point of why you are here, to help ease human suffering. And everything else – the reading, the lab work, the lectures, and, of course, the technology – falls into place.

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