Large and Small Group Teaching

Small Group Facilitation Skills at UPSOM:  Video Training Series

These three videos will help prepare medical student educators for their role in facilitating small groups at PittMed.  Each is between 20-30 minutes and includes slides, discussion, and teaching scenarios with commentary. 

Interested in live practice? CLICK HERE for more information

Leading Small Groups: Great resource from AAMC on how to effectively and inclusively facilitate small group and classroom learning and discussions

Large Group Presentations: Great resource from AAMC on strategies to effectively deliver large group presentations, including design, slide sets, interactive learning, practice, remote teaching, multimedia, and more.

Small Group Facilitation and Learning

5 Stage of Group Development and How to Help a Group Progress Through the Stages - PDF from Florida State University College of Medicine

What Makes a Group Effective - PDF from Florida State University College of Medicine

Rationale for Small Group Learning

The Developmental Facilitator: What One Is and What One Does - PDF from FSU

Practical Teaching: How to Lead Effective Group Discussion - Article from The Clinical Teacher by Jessica Muller and David M. Irby

Practical Teaching: Great Presentations Every Time - Article from The Clinical Teacher by David M. Irby

Overview of a Skill-Based Teaching - Website from University of Washington School of Medicine designed to help educators create small group teaching sessions around clinical skills.

Flipping the Classroom: Introducing Active Learning in the Large Group Setting - IAMSE Webinar

Tips for Using Questions in Large Classes - Daniel J. Klionsky (University of California-Davis). Methods for encouraging students in large classes to ask questions and interact with the instructor from the first day of class.

Effective Lecturing - This paper describes how to give an effective lecture, published by IDEA (Nonprofit organization dedicated to improving learning in higher education).

Planning, Preparing and Structuring a Small Group Teaching Session - This review from BMC Med Ed 2020 outlines the steps and structure for setting up successful small group learning.