MS-3: Assessment Week

April 25, 2022–April 29, 2022
1 week

Course Director
Scott Herrle, MD
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine

Course Description

The overall goal of this course is to have students complete a series of structured assessments and participate in focused review sessions designed to enhance their preparation for the Step 2 Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills exams.

Course Objectives:

  1. Reviewing common important dermatological conditions and how to describe skin lesions.
  2. Reviewing common radiologic findings that every graduating student should know how to identify.
  3. Reviewing and diagnosing common musculoskeletal conditions.
  4. Interpreting common and life-threatening EKG findings.
  5. Practicing with Step 2 CK exam questions to better understand content and timing of the exam.
  6. Practicing common clinical procedures often performed in acting internships.
  7. Reflect on personal strengths and opportunities for growth, as part of establishing one's own educational agenda for the senior year.

Educational Methods

  • Practice exams
  • Skills sessions
  • Small group cases
  • Self-assessment sessions
  • Standardized patient examination (OSCE)


Evaluation for this course is based on attendance and participation in the course sessions.


This course is graded Complete/Incomplete. Any session that is not attended must be made up before a grade of “Complete” will be registered on the transcript.

Faculty Note

Course Director Scott Herrle, MD is a recipient of the William I. Cohen Award for Excellence in Clinical Skills Instruction in addition to the Kenneth E. Schuitt Award recognizing the Dean's Master Educators. Ankur Doshi, MD is a recipient of the Donald S. Fraley Award for Medical Student Mentoring. Jason Chang, MD is a recipient of the Outstanding Mini-Elective Award. In addition, Drs. Herrle and Doshi are members of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Academy of Master Educators.