MS-4 Curriculum Subcommittee

The MS-4 Curriculum Subcommittee was created to help insure high quality in the fourth year of the curriculum, through the monitoring of evaluations and outcomes, and through assisting course directors with design and operations.

The Subcommittee will be responsible for oversight of all electives (clinical and otherwise), electives (Integrated Life Sciences courses), acting internships, and other curricular activities in the fourth year (e.g., Boot Camp). 

MS-4 Curriculum Subcommitte Mandate

Raquel Buranosky, MD, MPH
Chair, MS-4 Curriculum Subcommittee

Alda Gonzaga, MD, MS
Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics

Eric Hager, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery

Jason Rosenstock, MD
Associate Dean of Medical Education

Orquidia Torres, MD, MS
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Rani Schuchert, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery and Critical Care Medicine

Sean Whelan, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery