Neurosurgery and Head and Neck Dissection (NSURG 5705)

4 weeks

Course Director
Georgios Zenonos, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Neurological Surgery


Course Director
Paul Gardner, MD
Peter J. Jannetta Professor
Department of Neurological Surgery

Course Description

This course combines precepted anatomic dissection, various imaging modalities, lectures, operating room exposure, and clinical pathology in a systematic manner. The areas to be covered include anatomy of the head and neck. The course will include a full schedule (Monday through Friday from 8AM - 4PM) of lectures in anatomy, pathology and imaging modalities; precepted anatomical dissections and clinical experiences.

Clinical experiences will include, but are not limited to, exposure to neurosurgical and otorhinolaryngological procedures in the operating room, shadowing time in clinic, as well as assisting in neuropathological examinations. All students will be exposed to the diagnostic modalities appropriate for each anatomic area. They will also have the opportunity to see patients and follow their evaluations and management. Each student will be expected to prepare a formal case presentation correlating the clinical findings, anatomy, diagnostic modalities, pathology and treatment plan.

Anticipated schedule will include: 8 days of anatomical dissection; 4 days in the OR; 4 days in neurosurgery clinic; 2 days in neuroradiology; 1 day in neuropathology; 1 day of student presentations.

The main goal of the course is that the student should be able to correlate clinical findings with imaging studies, pathophysiology, pathology and anatomy.

Educational Methods

  • Dissection laboratory
  • Outpatient clinic
  • Small group sessions
  • Students' formal case presentations
  • Lectures
  • Operating room and neruoradiology sessions
  • Clinical neuropathology laboratory sessions

This course involves no on-call or weekend duties.


Grading is Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory.