Phase 2 Subcommittee Leadership

Curriculum Reform Subcommittee Members 2021-2022

Curriculum Reform Subcommittee Leaders are listed below. Please click on the Subcommittee name for a full contact list of all members and leaders respectively.

Steering Subcommittee
Michael Elnicki, MD
Peter Drain, PhD

Foundations Subcommittee
Alexandra Clark, MD
Lisa Borghesi, PhD

Clerkships & Beyond Subcommittee
Chris Schott, MD, MS, RDMS, FACEP
John Szymusiak, MD, MS, FAAP
Humberto E. Trejo Bittar, MD

Learning Assessment & Program Evaluation Subcommittee
Greg Null, MA
John Maier, PhD, MD

Student Advisory Subcommittee
Jonathan Perkins, MS4
Rachel Fogel, MS3