Phase 3 Working Group Membership

Curriculum Reform Working Group Leaders are listed below. Please click on the highlighted Working Group name for a full contact list of all members and leaders respectively.

Community Alliance Program (CAP)
Thuy Bui, MD

Educational Technology
JB McGee, MD

Faculty Leadership
Peter Drain, PhD

Mike Gaber, MBA

Flex Weeks
Michael McDowell, MD

Foundations Assessment
Andrea Carter, MD, MS

Foundations: Keystones
Lisa Borghesi, PhD
Martin Schmidt, PhD

Foundations: Organ Systems
Mohan Ramkumar, MD

Legacy Planning
Eric Hager, MD
John Szymusiak, MD, MS, FAAP

Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE)
Amar Kohli, MD

Longitudinal Educator
Robert Arnold, MD

Mapping & Integration
Marie DeFrances, MD, PhD
Will Walker, PhD

Ophthalmology & ENT
Jake Waxman, MD, PhD

Patient-Centered Care
Beth Bollinger, MD

Primary Care Accelerated Track (PCAT)
Amanda Casagrande, MD

Jason Rosenstock, MD

Scheduling & Logistics
Allison Serra, MD, MPH

Simulation & Standardized Patient
Tom Dongilli, AT, CHSOS-A, FSSH

Katie Maietta, MPPM

Alaina James, MD, PhD
Greg Null, MA
John Maier, PhD, MD
Katie Maietta, MPPM
Nathalie Chen, MS3
Rachel Fogel, MS4

Thread: Clinical Reasoning
Eliana Bonifacino, MD

Thread: Interprofessional Education (IPE)
Ankur Doshi, MD

Thread: Leadership
Suzi Templer, DO, FACP, FIDSA

Thread: Social Medicine
Eloho Ufomata, MD, MS

Tracks & Streams
Andrew Wickerham, MD, MPH, MBA