Surgery Acting Internship

4 weeks

AI Course Director 
Giselle Hamad, MD
Department of Surgery

Course Description

During the four-week Surgery Acting Internship, the student will function as an integral member of the surgical team with responsibilities similar to that of a surgical intern.  The acting intern will gain patient exposure both in the operating room and on the inpatient wards.  They will participate in patient rounds, manage preoperative and postoperative patients, and gain experience with proper aseptic techniques and basic procedures.  They may also evaluate patients in the emergency department and attend outpatient clinic to learn surgical decision-making. 

The acting intern will perform initial patient evaluations and institute appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic measures under the direct guidance and supervision by the residents, fellows, and faculty. They will gain experience with patient handoffs, electronic medical record documentation, prioritization, patient disposition.  They will learn the interpretation and organization of clinical data including laboratory and radiographic studies. 

By the end of the acting internship, they are expected to be proficient at performing history and physical examinations and to formulate a differential diagnosis and plan of care.  The acting intern will be expected to attend departmental and division conferences. 

Faculty Note

Clerkship Director Giselle Hamad, MD, is the Charles Gray Watson Professor of Surgical Education and Professor of Surgery and member of the UPSOM Academy of Master Educators. She serves as an Advisory Dean and has received the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, the Donald Fraley Mentorship Award, the Clinical Educator of the Year Award, and the Clerkship Preceptor of the Year Award.