Curriculum Mapping and Integration Subcommittee

The Curriculum Mapping and Integration Subcommittee monitors the curriculum hour-by-hour to verify existing content themes and identify new appearances of themes as they arise. 

The committee uses the Elentra curriculum management tool as its primary theme search, identification and mapping engine.  Among their duties is the responsibility to identify unanticipated changes and gaps in the curriculum that could affect the amount of instruction in particular subject areas.  These subjects include broad areas where small changes might go unnoticed (e.g., pathology) and narrower subjects where a small change might dramatically alter the depth to which a subject is covered (e.g., child abuse).

The committee is chaired by two members of the Curriculum Committee and includes other members of the curriculum committee, as well as other faculty, staff, and students with interest in and knowledge of the curriculum across all four years. The committee presents its findings to the Curriculum Committee annually and as needed throughout the year.    

Curriculum Mapping and Integration Subcommittee Mandate


Andrew McCormick, MD, FAAP
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Ankur Doshi, MD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Deborah DiNardo, MD
Clinical Instructor of Medicine

Eric Hager, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery

Francesca Yates, MSLIS
Health Sciences Library System

Gregory Null, MA
Director of Program Evaluation, CQI, and Accreditation

John Maier, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

Katie Maietta, MPPM
Executive Director, Office of Medical Education

Kip Kinchington, PhD
Professor of Ophthalmology, Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry

Louis Rapkin, MD
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Marie DeFrances, MD, PhD
Professor in the Department of Pathology 

Melissa Tavarez, MD, MS
Associate Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Rani Schuchert, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery and Critical Care Medicine

Stephen Gabrielson, MSLIS
Health Sciences Library System

William Walker, PhD
Associate Professor of OBGYN