Curriculum Committee Executive Subcommittee

The Curriculum Committee Executive Subcommittee is comprised of the chair and vice chair of the Curriculum Committee, Associate Dean for Medical Education, Assistant Dean for Medical Education, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and an elected at-large faculty member of the Curriculum Committee. The role of this subcommittee is to provide leadership to the Curriculum Committee and continuous oversight of the educational program, working closely with the Office of Medical Education. This subcommittee meets weekly.

Curriculum Committee Executive Subcommittee Mandate


Jason Rosenstock, MD
Chair, Curriculum Committee 

Alda Gonzaga, MD, MS
Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Bill Yates, PhD
Vice Chair, Curriculum Committee

Eloho Ufomata, MD, MS
Assistant Dean for Equity and Justice

Lisa Borghesi, PhD
Assistant Dean for Medical Education

Nitin Agarwal, MD
Elected At-Large Faculty Member

Rani Schuchert, MD
Elected At-Large Faculty Member

Raquel Buranosky, MD
Associate Dean for Clinical Education