Educator Leadership Roles

What are the roles?

Content leads (Leads) will be people in a mix of leadership roles who will have year-round oversight and direct teaching of a subject matter.  This will be a mix of basic and clinical science faculty, depending on role.  The amount of effort will depend on the role but will be at least 4 hours/per week (10% FTE).  There are four different kinds of leadership roles, with job descriptions linked (please note these descriptions are subject to slight change):

Please click here for a complete list Content Lead & Block Director roles

How can I apply?

Before application, a candidate must self-nominate or be nominated by someone else. All candidates need to be vetted by a nomination committee.  To begin that process, please click here

After review by the nomination committee, faculty will receive a link to the application portal for submission of their full portfolio.

Candidates should nominate themselves before the deadline of February 15.

What do I need to do to be chosen?

The application process requires several components.  Each candidate will submit a portfolio, including a  discussion of their teaching background/training, a personal statement, and a letter of support from their division/department lead.  Their CV and teaching evaluations will be reviewed.  Candidates will be screened, and qualified individuals will receive an in-person 30-minute interview with two members of the selection committee.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a major focus of our recruitment for these positions, and candidates will need to demonstrate a commitment to DEI.

When will I find out?

We hope to have final decisions by April 1.  Individuals offered positions will be expected to talk with their divisions/departments to go over the time commitment, and as a way of ensuring that clinical or other roles can be filled if the individual becomes a paid educator.  Departments/divisions are well aware of this hiring process, and the school and UPP will collaborate on individual arrangements.

How many people will be hired?

We will be hiring all educator leads now, approximately 50-60.

How long will educator leads hold their positions?

Each year, educator leads will be evaluated to determine if they can and should continue in their role, with renewal based on a review of performance metrics from the past year (e.g., student evaluations, staff input, learning environment indicators, etc.).  Faculty with deficiencies will be given an opportunity to improve but if no improvement is noted, they may not be reappointed in the following year.  Assuming good performance, educator leads will otherwise hold their role for a maximum of five years, a “term limit” to assure opportunities for diverse faculty.  At the outset, leads will have staggered term end dates to spread out the selection process over time; if no other candidates exist, an existing educator lead could reapply for that role.

How will faculty educators be paid?

The details are being worked out, but there are likely to be individual and department-specific arrangements based on context and needs.  Faculty will have their time protected, and departments and divisions will be paid to cover their teaching efforts.  Salaries may vary based on a faculty member’s current base—their effort and reimbursement will be capped at a maximum of $250,000, meaning that faculty making up to that amount will earn whatever that percentage of salary would be for them, while faculty above the cap will only earn the amount at the cap (unless departments/divisions complement).  Current ECU funds that are given to departments will remain unchanged and become part of the department’s base budget.  The above education support funds are new funds provided to the departments to release the teaching faculty from clinical duties over and above the 10% effort expected from all faculty.