Professional Enrichment Courses (Legacy)

Medical student curricula are packed with essential courses and content that all students must master, yet most students find time to pursue areas of personal interest. A goal of the recent curricular revision was to provide increased opportunities for such exploration and growth.

We believe, and students confirm, that pursuing studies beyond the required curriculum helps students understand the connection between their basic science coursework and medical practice, and provides exposure to topics and specialties that cannot readily be included in the core curriculum. A professional enrichment structure was developed to provide well-structured, rigorous and high quality experiences in areas not typically available to students (especially students in the pre-clinical years). 

Please note that some of the longitudinal PECs  have registration through the course director or student association coordinator. Other PECs may have registrations through AmpUp. The registration information is outlined in all the course descriptions. As professional enrichment course offerings are announced and registration opens, students will be notified of the offerings and registration details via email. 

Students who have other assigned academic commitments at the course times must meet those commitments. Therefore, some students may not be able to enroll in some professional enrichment courses.

Course space is limited, based on the maximum number of students designated by the course director.

Students who successfully complete a professional enrichment course will receive a certificate of completion. It will not be shown on their official University transcript.

Additional questions about professional enrichment courses should be directed to Katie Maietta in the Office of Medical Education.

Please note the below PECs are for legacy students only.

Courses for Second Year Students

Summer Course

Fall Courses

Spring Courses

Longitudinal Professional Enrichment Courses